Free Clinic of Powhatan

2320 Skaggs Road
Powhatan, VA 23139
Days/Hours of Operation:
  • Monday: 3:00pm – 8:00pm
  • Thursday: 9:00am – 4:00pm

Our Services

  • Adult Dental Care
  • Adult Mental Health
  • Adult Primary Care

Client Eligibility

  • Insurance Accepted


  • Ages Served

    Ages 18-64 (eligible for all services); 65+ (dental only)

  • Income limits (for uninsured patients only):

    Up to 250% federal poverty level (FPL) for Primary Care and Dental; Up to 300% federal poverty level (FPL) for Mental Health:

    Family SizeYearly Income – 250% FPLMonthly Income - 250% FPLYearly Income – 300% FPLMonthly Income - 300% FPL
    1Up to $32,200Up to $2,683Up to $38,640Up to $3,220
    2Up to $43,550Up to $3,629Up to $52,260Up to $4,355
    3Up to $54,900Up to $4,575Up to $65,880Up to $5,490
    4Up to $66,250Up to $5,521Up to $79,500Up to $6,625
    5+Add $11,350 per additional family memberAdd $946 per each additional family memberAdd $13,620 per additional family memberAdd $1,135 per each additional family member

Additional Clinic Information

  • On-site Interpretation Services?


  • Service Area

    Chesterfield, Amelia, Cumberland, Powhatan

  • Services not provided

    Family planning; Cannot provide substance use disorder treatment or treatment for serious mental illness

  • Fee structure