Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have health insurance to get services?

No, you do not need health insurance. You may be charged a fee for services based on your income and family size.

I want to apply for health insurance for me or my family. Where should I start?

Visit the Insurance Options page for more information on how to enroll in Virginia Medicaid or find a health insurance plan.

How do I get prescription medication if I do not have insurance?

Some clinics have pharmacies that can help with medicines. Even if they do not have a pharmacy onsite, all clinics will help you find low-cost or generic medicines. Clinics can help you apply to drug companies to receive free or low-cost medication or will help you with the cost.

If you need medicines and are not a patient of any of these clinics, you can use discount programs to lower the cost of your medications:

Note: These programs cover different medicines, and some might save you more money than others. This is not a list of all drug discount programs. You might find other drug discount programs online. The GRHSNC does not support these programs, this information is provided for informational use only.

Why do some of the clinics only serve certain people? Why not just serve everyone at every clinic?

Each clinic sets their own policies on what ages, insurance, and income levels they will serve and what services they can provide.